2016 Parent Survey Results

Dear ICSV Parents:

Thank you so much for participating in our Parent Survey. Approximately 70% of families took the time to provide us with input. The results were overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. Here is what you had to say about whether ICSV is meeting the goals of its mission statement:

  • 93% agree or completely agree that ICSV provides a high-quality education!
  • 91% agree or completely agree that ICSV provides individualized education!
  • 94% agree or completely agree that ICSV is building Christian character in our students!
  • If we add in those who somewhat agree with these three statements, then 100% believe that we are meeting or are on our way to meeting these goals!

The one area of the mission statement where we scored slightly lower is that 83% agree or completely agree that ICSV’s students and alumni impact the nations of the world. This result may mean that we need to improve in this area or that we need to make an effort to find out more of what our students and alumni are doing so that our school community is aware of how ICSV is making an impact. Either way, this may be an area that we choose to focus on in the future.

Two other areas where we scored slightly lower were in our use of field trips and in the number of athletic options that we offer at the secondary level. Last week I told you about how we are going to add class trips for all secondary students at the beginning of the year. This spring, a student initiative brought about the addition of a track team to our sports line-up.

Another suggestion was to format the Eagle for our cell phone users. We have already made this change, as well, so hopefully you can notice this slight difference in the way that you see the content here. You will find the calendar, lunch menu, etc. that used to be in the left column at the bottom of the Eagle now.

The comments were also very encouraging. One parent stated: “ICSV has opened the horizon for my four children. It gives them the chance to experience many different cultures, children from very different backgrounds, and a high quality education in a Christian environment. We are very thankful to have ICSV in Vienna!”

To see more results and to read more parent comments, please click here for our Parent Survey Flyer. To God be the Glory!

Because of His Faithfulness,

Sharon C. Brobst, Ed.D.

2016-2017 Class Trips

Dear ICSV Parents:

Back in the fall, I had the privilege of filling in for Mr. Wiisanen one day with a group of senior guys. I asked them for suggestions of things that we could do better or do differently here at ICSV. We have taken their suggestions seriously, and are planning to implement a couple of them beginning with the next school year. One was to modify the schedule a bit, which we have done. The second is very exciting. They recommended that we include class trips at the beginning of the year like the Austrian schools do. They said that having this time to bond together as a class would allow the new students to get to know their classmates. I totally agree. So, their proposal was taken to various staff groups, with overwhelming support for the introduction of class trips. Personally, I have seen how trips like this help to set the tone for the school year, so I am very excited to announce this new addition to ICSV.

Beginning in September, all secondary students will be going on a three-day/two-night trip with their class. In 2016-2017 the trips are scheduled for Wednesday to Friday, September 7 through 9. The middle school will go together as one group to Appelhof in Murzswteg. This location is set up to work with students of this age group. Grades 9 and 10 will travel together to JUFA Mariazeller Land-Sigmundsberg and work with a group called Together with Tourgether. Grades 11 and 12 will go to Prague and work with an organization that coordinates CAS trips for IB schools. Cost for the trips is being shared. The additional fee was increased slightly to help cover part of the cost. The school also budgeted additional funds to make up the difference. We truly want all students to come on these trips!

In addition to class bonding, what else will these trips accomplish? Each location has amazing places to see and things to do. The trips will include some sort of educational component that takes place in a real-life situation. Students may spend time in the forest or visit a beekeeper. In Prague, the upper-classmen will be able to tour the city. Students will also have the chance to serve together. Of course, we will plan some time for devotions and sharing by staff members and a time for students to reflect on what they experience. Team-building activities and time for just plain fun will also be included.

In the Parent Survey, one of the areas where we scored slightly lower (2.9 out of 4 – good, but not excellent) was in the use of field trips to enhance the educational process. These results confirmed our need to look beyond the four walls of the school for ways to provide authentic education in a real world setting. These fall trips will be a way to increase this type of opportunity for all secondary students. Detailed information about the trips will be communicated as we get closer to September by the class advisors, but I wanted to make sure you put these dates on your calendar. I am confident that September 7 to 9 will be a truly special start to our school year and days that the students will never forget.
Because of His Faithfulness,
Sharon C. Brobst, Ed.D.

Kosovo Mission Trip

Dear ICSV Parents:
The second high school mission trip that students took during Easter Break was to Kosovo. Mr. Dossett, one of the leaders, has written about his experience. Five of the students have also provided us with their insights into the Kosovo mission trip.
Mr. Dossett:
Rarely do we find time to look outside of ourselves and learn from others who are different, but when we do, we are always enriched. God has designed a world full of variety and the many parts come together beautifully, complementing each other subtly, yet powerfully. Our mission trip to Kosovo with a team of 13 was a practical experience in this dance of diversity. We were a group of 5 chaperones and 8 students, so our time was intimate and personal. The different cultures and personalities on our own team were such a blessing: we learned more about the nature of man and of God through each other and from the strengths we have each been gifted with. Yet, the differences within our group were just the starting point for growth – once we finished all of our preparations and landed in Kosovo, we recognized that we were going to come in contact with a people, a culture, and a land that was formerly quite foreign to us. We encountered a place full of beauty and poverty; hope and despair; hospitality and isolation. Through our conversations with Kosovar students, administrators, coffee shop owners, pastors, and English language learners, we were enriched and blessed. Our eyes were opened just a little bit more to new ideas and lifestyles; hopefully, we will grow in Christ and in love. And, hopefully, we were able to bless those that we spent time with in the same way.
Ruth-Anne Garcia, senior:
I had a great experience in Kosovo. It was overwhelming how welcoming and nice everyone was. I came to Kosovo having no clue what to expect, but as we were there I just felt so good and was also really blessed from the students and people I met. Hopefully in the future I can visit them again.
Willem Schra, sophomore:
I learned a lot about Kosovar culture. I met and talked with many amazing people. I was encouraged greatly in my faith and enjoyed talking and laughing with our team.
Parker Elledge, sophomore:
During my time is Kosovo I was given the opportunity to not only meet new people but to really get to know a few of them on a deeper level. While in Kosovo I was taught so much about the culture by experiences alone. On this mission trip I was given a new appreciation and love for God. I am so thankful I was able to go to Kosovo, and I hope I will get to go again someday.
Fiona Babler, junior:
The trip to Kosovo was not only fun. I also learned a lot about the culture there. It is a unique culture in a unique place. I was amazed by the hospitality and how friendly the people were to us. I hope that we were a blessing to them, like they were a blessing to us.
Emma Horne, senior:
The most memorable moment for me during the trip to Kosovo was going to the English class. We partnered up and spoke English and simply got to know the Kosovars. I loved getting to know the girl I was partnered with named Kleodora; she was so kind and shared her love for her country.
I am sure that our students brought encouragement and friendship to the people in Kosovo. Once again, we thank these students and teachers for giving of their vacation time to minister to the needs of others.
Because of His Faithfulness,
Sharon C. Brobst, Ed.D.

Romania Mission Trip

Dear ICSV Parents:

The ICSV mission statement expresses our desire to impact the nations of the world. One way in which we do this is by providing service opportunities during school breaks. This year during Easter Break, two mission trips went out from ICSV. In this week’s Eagle article I’d like to highlight the trip that went to Romania. Ms. Grumbach has provided a short description of where they went and what they did. Two of the students on the trip have shared about their personal experiences.

During Spring Break, Mr. Matin, Ms. Grumbach, Mr. Tuckey, and Ms. Howard traveled to River of Life in Cornesti, Romania with 29 high school students. River of Life is a center devoted to caring for at risk women and their children, needy elderly, and abandoned children. The team spent the week on multiple work projects that included mixing and pouring lots of cement, digging ditches, leveling ground for grass to be planted, painting, and tearing out an old building. In the afternoon, some of the students put on a children’s program for the kids that live at River of Life. They sang songs, played games, and did crafts with the kids. It was a wonderful week of ministry and growing closer together as a team. – Ms. Grumbach

This year I had the privilege to be part of the mission trip to Romania, through which the group of students and teachers were able to serve the ministry and simultaneously establish and deepen their relationships. On this trip I began to understand the significance of fellowship and had numerous good conversations with both teachers and students; we were there for each other, prayed for each other, and grew as part of the large body in Christ. This trip was not only an experience, but also a time filled with blessings and God’s love. I hope to be part of this eye-opening trip again next year. – Gun Park, Junior

This year in Romania I had the privilege of being a small group leader. It was my third time going to River of Life, so I was used to the physical labor and the way the schedule worked out, but leading a small group was a refreshing experience nonetheless. I had led one before, but with the groups being different every year it gave us the opportunity to get to know each other more, grow together, and encourage each other. Along with small groups, hearing the testimonies of others was definitely a blessing and an opportunity to see how God is working in other people’s lives. My favorite thing about Romania is how welcoming the people there are and the sense of joy and freedom that comes with serving them. Because of the past experiences I have made, I plan to return again on my own free time, since this is my last year at ICSV. – Larissa Peter, Senior

A special thanks goes to these 34 students and teachers for serving others during their Easter Break. They gave of their time and talents to show love and support for the families at River of Life. They have represented ICSV and our Heavenly Father well.

Because of His Faithfulness,
Sharon C. Brobst, Ed.D.