From the Director

January 27, 2017Director's Blog

I always love attending the three chapel services that we have each week. At the middle school chapel last week, Bible teacher and chaplain, Cristian Pana, spoke about “fact, faith, and feelings.” He reminded us that Christianity is based on facts – of Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. He then went on to tell us … Read More

From the Director

January 20, 2017Director's Blog

I had a weird dream the other night. I’m not sure if you all know, but my husband and I spent five years with our family serving in Kenya at a huge missionary school called Rift Valley Academy. Well, I dreamt that we had returned there to serve again. After we arrived, I met with … Read More

New Vision Statement

January 13, 2017Director's Blog

The ICSV School Board has adopted a new Vision Statement for the school. ICSV desires to be “an international school of choice where every student is valued and empowered with truth and knowledge for life.” In these 18 words are expressed the school’s vision for the future. What do these phrases really imply? An international … Read More