Super Exciting News! Let’s Cool the School!

April 28, 2017Director's Blog

Did you know that when the school was initially remodeled, it was made to use an air conditioning system to cool and circulate the air? Did you know that up until now, the school hasn’t had one? Our 2017 annual fundraiser is going to be for the installation of an air conditioning unit! We’re calling … Read More

Spiritual Emphasis Week

April 21, 2017Director's Blog

The week before Easter Break, we had a group of 11 individuals from Crossroads Church in Odessa, Texas bless us by coordinating Spiritual Emphasis Week. I’m not sure if our school community realizes that when a group like this comes to Vienna, they have raised the funds from other church and family members to make … Read More

The Book That Made Your World (The Bible)

April 7, 2017Director's Blog

I’ve been reading a book written by Vishal Mangalwadi that explains how the Bible has changed the way the western world looks at things like rationality, technology, true wealth, family, and heroism. If you like to think philosophically, I highly recommend reading this book. In one chapter, Mangalwadi explains how Jesus was so unlike what … Read More