Exciting News at ICSV!

May 19, 2017Director's Blog

When re-enrollment started, we let you all know that you should re-enroll early because classes were filling up quickly for next year. This statement couldn’t be any more true than it is today. Right now there is the potential for over 300 students enrolled at ICSV in August. Many of the elementary classes have already … Read More

How Do I Determine My Worth?

May 12, 2017Director's Blog

For the last few weeks and for several more weeks into June our students are taking all kinds of tests: IB exams, mock IB exams, AP tests, MAP tests, SAT, and the list goes on. While we want our kids to take them seriously and to do their best, we need to be so careful … Read More

The Relational School

May 5, 2017Director's Blog

I just returned from an ACSI conference in the UK where one of the main topics was the relational school. Dr. Rob Loe, the Research Director for the Relational Schools Project, shared about the importance of relationships. He began by reminding us that relationships matter to God. God wired human beings to want to be … Read More