We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2017Director's Blog

Christmas is almost upon us! The high school students are finishing up their first semester final exams, and we will be heading off for two weeks of rest, time with family, and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I wanted to take this time to thank you all so much for … Read More

Martin Luther and Christmas

December 15, 2017Director's Blog

When we were in the United States recently, my husband bought a book that was just published about the life of Martin Luther. Sounds exciting, right? Well, actually, it is. Here was a devout monk and priest who really struggled with his faith. Luther actually admitted that he hated the righteous God because he could … Read More

I Have a “Wait” Problem

December 7, 2017Director's Blog

The theme of my week, or should I say year, has been “wait.” I like to joke with people that I have a very high need for closure. If you really want me to be honest, that means I like to get things done quickly – I want them done NOW! Fortunately (or unfortunately – … Read More

Apologetics–Apology or Defense?

December 1, 2017Director's Blog

You may be wondering what we do every month when your students have a half-day on a Wednesday. We’re not just taking a few hours to catch up a sleep, although that sounds really good. We’re not using the time to get caught up on grading papers, although I’m sure the teachers would readily like … Read More