Unity and Love

February 16, 2018Director's Blog

I started thinking a lot about love last week. Maybe it was because I purchased a book about Valentine’s Day for our granddaughter and had it shipped to her home in the US. Or maybe it was a continuation of my thoughts about unity that had been stirred by reading Joel Westa’s article about unity. … Read More

Unity and Love

February 9, 2018Director's Blog

Periodically I receive a copy of the ACSI magazine for Christian School Educators. This month, I opened up to an article called “Unity, Not Uniformity” that was written by Joel Westa, the president of CSI (Christian Schools International) which is another organization that supports Christian schools. The only basic difference that I am aware of … Read More

The Tackle Hug

February 2, 2018Director's Blog

A couple of weeks ago I stopped in the hallway to greet Frau Deisenberger and a group of her elementary students that were heading upstairs for German class. After a brief conversation, and I turned around and WAM! I was tackle hugged! One of their elementary kids simply grabbed me for a big, happy hug! … Read More