Running to Catch the U-Bahn

September 28, 2018Director's Blog

Last week I was with a friend climbing the stairs to the U-bahn that would take us back to school. We just missed a train, which seems to be the norm in my life. We got to chatting about whether we tend to run to catch it or just wait for the next one. She … Read More

Who is Jesus, Really?

September 20, 2018Director's Blog

Have you ever wondered what Jesus was really like? This summer I read Donald Miller’s book “Searching for God Knows What.” Miller reminded me of the huge sacrifice that Jesus made simply by leaving Heaven in order to come to Earth. In Heaven, Jesus was in constant fellowship with God, the Father. He was surrounded … Read More

The Encourager

September 14, 2018Director's Blog

Do you have an encourager in your life? Someone that just stops by to let you know that they appreciate you? Well, I do! Our very own Frau Deisenberger stops by my office every so often just to tell me that she’s glad I’m here. I remember a couple of years ago she said, “I … Read More

Intellectual Character: Courage

September 7, 2018Director's Blog

This year, the elementary school students are learning about intellectual character. A new character trait based on the seven qualities that make up intellectual character will be presented each month. Ms. Fitcher has introduced this idea to the students, and this week she explained the first characteristic: intellectual courage. So what exactly is intellectual character? … Read More