Growing the Next Generation of Leaders

November 30, 2018Director's Blog

What an exciting time to be part of the international Christian school community and ICSV! The excitement of my trip to Rwanda has not worn off, although the bacteria/parasite I brought back with me on the plane has dampened the enthusiasm a bit….sigh…. One reason that I was so excited to go and share with … Read More

Amakuru? Nimeza!

November 16, 2018Director's Blog

This has been a most exciting week! I was invited to Kigali, Rwanda by the Head of School there, Dr. Ben Thomas, to help train administrators, many of whom did not have the privilege of any formal training. They came from East Africa, Indonesia, and even Asia. Dr. Thomas’ vision is to use trained administrators … Read More

Where Am I?

November 9, 2018Director's Blog

I got up super early in order to leave my apartment by 4 in the morning. I was booked on a 6 am flight heading to the US for the annual ACSI Recruitment Fair. Things all went pretty well except for the vegetarian meals that I was forced to eat because the flight attendant insisted … Read More