• International Christian School of Vienna is currently closed and our Distance Learning has started in all grade levels.
    We plan to reopen on Tuesday, April 14.
    If you have any questions and/or concerns please email office@icsv.at.


Admissions Process New

Step 1: Online Application Form and Supporting Documents

Submit all requested forms and supporting documents.

  1. Child’s Passport or Birth Certificate
  2. School Reports/Transcripts:
  1. For Elementary & Middle School: Copies of the two most recent school reports
  2. For High School: Official transcripts are required for grades 9-12 with timetable indicating the number of hours spent per subject per week (or number of credits issued per course)

*School reports/transcripts MUST be in English or German*

Step 2: Payment of non-refundable Application Fee €285

On the bank statement, please indicate your child’s full name.


Steiermärkische Sparkasse
IBAN: AT18 2081 5232 0009 3831

Please be informed that we cannot process your child’s application until all the supporting documents have been submitted and the application fee has been paid.

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Step 3: Placement Test / Screening

ICSV has students coming from many different school systems around the world, so all prospective students take an age and grade appropriate Placement Test to best determine their academic needs. The Placement Test is scheduled once Step 1 & 2 are completed.

Step 4: Decision on Admission

The Admissions staff will contact you as soon as a final decision has been made. Once your child has been accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter with further information.

Step 5: Enrollment

Your child’s enrollment process is not complete until the Registration Fee of € 950 has been paid and the Enrollment Contract has been submitted to ICSV within seven (7) days of acceptance.