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This has been a most exciting week! I was invited to Kigali, Rwanda by the Head of School there, Dr. Ben Thomas, to help train administrators, many of whom did not have the privilege of any formal training. They came from East Africa, Indonesia, and even Asia. Dr. Thomas’ vision is to use trained administrators to serve as mentors to these leaders. After I return from my trip, I will stay in contact with two or three of those who attended to coach them in their roles.

I don’t know how much I’ve shared with you about the five years that my family spent living in Kenya. It has now been 15 years since I last stepped foot on African soil. For those that have been there, you will understand when I say that once you have lived in Africa, you can never truly leave it behind. The land and people are just so welcoming. Africa wedges itself into your heart so that you take of piece of it with you wherever you go. This accounts for some of my excitement in traveling to Rwanda.

When I arrived and met the people I would spend the week with, I knew that I would be the one who would be inspired by them. I may have more years spent in education and have completed more official degrees, but these brothers and sisters have “street smarts” and a true passion for what they are doing. I met one woman in her twenties who left New York to start preschools in Jakarta for families that could not even afford daycare. She has been there for five years. I met another woman who desperately wants to start a school in Somaliland where her family is being persecuted for their beliefs. Another young American athlete gave up the opportunity for fame and fortune to serve in the slums in Nairobi and in orphanages around the globe. One man is in charge of schools with over 1000 students in Burundi. Another is a pastor from Tanzania who wants to start a school where he lives. These people are champions for Christ!

During the morning before I interviewed for my first principal position, I had read from the letter that the Apostle Paul had written to the younger Timothy. He said to “fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you.” At that time, I believe that God was telling me to fan into flame my administrative giftings, as prior to that time I had primarily been teaching. These words of encouragement and exhortation are still true for today. We need to encourage others like those who attended this week long session to fan into flame their leadership gifts. We have the responsibility to share out of our abundance with those around the world so that we can meet our mission of impacting the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What an honor it has been to travel to such an amazing country to “pass the torch” to these younger leaders who have dedicated their lives to serving God! Truly, I am blessed.

Because of His Faithfulness,
Sharon Brobst, Director