Progress and Patience

August 26, 2016Director's Blog

As I sit and write this article, I hear children yelling and laughing outside my window. They are learning how to bounce a basketball and enjoying the wonderful play area that was installed last summer. I also hear loud banging and jack hammers digging up parts of the sidewalk leading to the school. They are … Read More

Welcome Back!

August 17, 2016Director's Blog

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the 2016-2017 school year at ICSV. We had a great turnout at the New Family Orientation yesterday. At least 130 people were here, and that doesn’t include all our staff and faculty who were available to greet everyone. Our high school student ambassadors did a wonderful … Read More

“30 for 30” Update and End of Year Changes

June 3, 2016Director's Blog

A 30 FOR 30 Update Our 30 for 30 Technology Campaign was launched last week. We have now raised 8000 euros toward the 30.000 euros that we need in order to do a complete technology overhaul. What can you do to help? Please pray that people will give toward this urgent need. Check the ICSV … Read More

30 for 30 Technology Campaign

May 23, 2016Director's Blog

Dear ICSV Parents: To celebrate ICSV’s 30th year as a school, we are excited to announce our 30 for 30 Technology Campaign! This summer we will be able to implement phase one of our technology initiative to update ICSV’s technological capabilities. New teacher computers, projectors for every classroom, an overhaul of the high school computer … Read More

ICSV: An IB World School

May 13, 2016Director's Blog

ICSV is one of the few Christian schools around the world that offers the IB Diploma Programme (DP). As such, we are a forward thinking school that truly embraces the international aspect of our community. After many years of research and preparation, the School Board approved the implementation of the IB DP for the 2015-2016 … Read More

2016 Parent Survey Results

April 29, 2016Director's Blog

Dear ICSV Parents: Thank you so much for participating in our Parent Survey. Approximately 70% of families took the time to provide us with input. The results were overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. Here is what you had to say about whether ICSV is meeting the goals of its mission statement: 93% agree or completely agree … Read More

2016-2017 Class Trips

April 22, 2016Director's Blog

Dear ICSV Parents: Back in the fall, I had the privilege of filling in for Mr. Wiisanen one day with a group of senior guys. I asked them for suggestions of things that we could do better or do differently here at ICSV. We have taken their suggestions seriously, and are planning to implement a … Read More

Kosovo Mission Trip

April 15, 2016Director's Blog

Dear ICSV Parents: The second high school mission trip that students took during Easter Break was to Kosovo. Mr. Dossett, one of the leaders, has written about his experience. Five of the students have also provided us with their insights into the Kosovo mission trip. Mr. Dossett: Rarely do we find time to look outside … Read More

Romania Mission Trip

April 8, 2016Director's Blog

Dear ICSV Parents: The ICSV mission statement expresses our desire to impact the nations of the world. One way in which we do this is by providing service opportunities during school breaks. This year during Easter Break, two mission trips went out from ICSV. In this week’s Eagle article I’d like to highlight the trip … Read More