Good Morning, ICSV!

October 6, 2017Director's Blog

Every morning when I arrive at school, I am greeted with the huge smile of a welcoming student. His name is Ratu. Ratu is in fifth grade this year, having come to ICSV last year. He is originally from Fiji, and he has an older sister who is an ICSV graduate. Ratu likes to be … Read More

Old Friends

September 29, 2017Director's Blog

This week one of my oldest and dearest friends came to visit me from Massachusetts. (If you read my article from last week – yes, she’s a Red Sox fan!) My husband and I took several days off so we could visit Hallstatt, Salzburg, and Obersalzberg in Germany with her and her husband of 40 … Read More

Neil Diamond in Concert in Vienna!

September 21, 2017Director's Blog

When you hear a song that was popular when you were in high school, does it transport you back to that time in your life? Music has that effect on me. All I need to hear is a few notes of a song, and I immediately know what it is. Sometimes I may even begin … Read More

New Format in Middle and High School Chapels

September 15, 2017Director's Blog

This year we are trying something a bit different during our weekly chapel times. In order to better meet the needs of our international student population, we are planning to vary the format each week. Sometimes teachers and students will meet in small groups where they can discuss different topics. During these times, we hope … Read More

Expansion on this Year’s Theme

September 1, 2017Director's Blog

One of my favorite parts of each week is chapel time. I try and make it a priority to attend all three chapels, which I did this week. In elementary chapel on Tuesday, our new elementary principal, Ms. Fitcher, was the speaker. The topic was “creation.” Every time I hear of how God created the … Read More

A New Theme for 2017-2018!

August 25, 2017Director's Blog

Welcome back! It is my sincere pleasure to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year at ICSV. We had a great turnout at the New Family Orientation on Tuesday. At least 150 parents and students were here, and that doesn’t include all of our staff and faculty who were available to greet everyone. Our secondary … Read More

Signing Off for 2016-2017

June 9, 2017Director's Blog

It’s June 9! Where has the year gone? It seems like just yesterday we were out on the field celebrating our 30 for 30 project. We certainly have enjoyed the chromebook cart and the improved internet connection that we were able to purchase with the funds you gave to the school. We started the year … Read More

The Bible Teacher’s Example of Grace

June 2, 2017Director's Blog

Mr. Bill Wiisanen and Mr. Cristian Pana, two of our Bible teachers, gave an extra credit question to their Apologetics classes about the topic of grace. They asked their students what it would look like if they gave grace on the exam that they had just taken. They then asked whether they should show grace … Read More

Exciting News at ICSV!

May 19, 2017Director's Blog

When re-enrollment started, we let you all know that you should re-enroll early because classes were filling up quickly for next year. This statement couldn’t be any more true than it is today. Right now there is the potential for over 300 students enrolled at ICSV in August. Many of the elementary classes have already … Read More