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Father’s Eyes

Apr 25, 2022

This morning as I rode the U-Bahn to work, I noticed a mother and three girls run to get on before the door closed. I could tell that they were siblings because they looked so much alike. They all had long blonde hair in braids, and even with their masks on, what I noticed the most was that they all had the same eyes! 

I’ve heard that one thing that many adopted children feel is that they wish they knew someone who looked like them. I can understand that. It’s common to compare family members with each other. I’ve always been proud of taking after my father, as I adored him. Unfortunately, it was more his nose and feet that I got, and not his eyes. ☺ 

Back in the ‘80s, a Christian singer, Amy Grant, sang “Father’s Eyes.” In the song, she says that what she really hopes to be known for is resembling her Heavenly Father, and more specifically, having His eyes. By this she means that she wants to “find the good in things, find the source of help, be full of compassion seeing every pain, and knowing what others are going through and feeling it along with them.” 

As we mature as Christians, we should become more and more like Christ every day. In so doing, others will be able to see glimpses of what God is like when they look at us. They should see His love, His grace, His patience, His goodness, and all the other qualities of a Holy God. As I watched this family of beautiful girls with the same eyes, I prayed that others would see God in my eyes – in my life. I pray the same for all in our community.

Because of His Faithfulness,
Dr. Sharon C. Brobst, Director

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