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I came across an article about a man who is an acclaimed Christian apologist who started an orphanage in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. His name is John Njoroge. As I read his story, I realized that his life had intersected with someone whom I greatly admire – Roy Entwistle. Roy and his wife, Judy, lived in Kenya for 36 years, and when my family went there back in the ‘90s, he was the superintendent at Rift Valley Academy.

John met Roy and Judy when he arrived at their home hoping to get food for himself and his seven siblings. They hadn’t eaten in three days, as their mother was in the hospital and their father had abandoned them. The Entwistles gave him all the food from their refrigerator and told him to return for more until his mother was released from the hospital. They helped provide care for his handicapped sister and stayed in touch with the family as John found work at the local hospital and proceeded to get an education. Today, John has three master’s degrees and is working on his PhD. (You can read more of his story here).

About the same time that I read John’s story, someone posted a YouTube link where Roy Entwistle was sharing his testimony. He is now in his 80s and is retired, living in the US. As I listened to him speak, I was struck by how this man who had dedicated his life to service, who had willingly given of his own food and finances to help a stranger, who had spent 36 years away from his own family viewed himself as a “scoundrel” in need of salvation. He shared that the very best that he could offer was “filthy rags” and that without Christ, he was doomed. One might think that if there is anyone that is worthy of salvation and a place in Heaven, it would be someone like Roy. He has spent his whole life serving God. Right? And yet, Roy doesn’t see it that way. He shared that God had made a choice to either answer His own Son’s prayers to spare Him from dying on the cross for our sins or to choose to have Him die to take our place. Very humbly, Roy said “God chose Roy!” (You can view his full testimony here).

In the article about John Njoroge, Roy Entwistle is quoted as saying, “I look up to [John] and highly respect him but mainly, all I have is love for him. My wife and I spent 36 years in Kenya, and we can say that if we did nothing else but help John, it was worth it.” God brought John and Roy together in an amazing way, and they have both been blessed by this unique relationship.

I encourage you to read about John’s amazing story and to take the time to listen to Roy’s testimony. I believe that they will touch your heart as much as they have touched mine.

Because of His Faithfulness,
Sharon Brobst, Director