• International Christian School of Vienna is currently closed and our Distance Learning has started in all grade levels.
    We plan to reopen on Tuesday, April 14.
    If you have any questions and/or concerns please email office@icsv.at.

Every morning when I arrive at school, I am greeted with the huge smile of a welcoming student. His name is Ratu. Ratu is in fifth grade this year, having come to ICSV last year. He is originally from Fiji, and he has an older sister who is an ICSV graduate. Ratu likes to be the first one to school each day. He arrives on his scooter and then eagerly waits on the front steps, even if it is cold or rainy. Once the front door is unlocked, Ratu stays there so that he can hold the door for all who arrive. I look forward to Ratu’s greeting each day, as he reminds me of why I come to ICSV everyday – it’s all about the students.

Ratu’s friendliness doesn’t stop at the front door. Ms. Fitcher, our elementary principal, told me that just the other day he came up to her during lunch and thanked her for all that she does for the school. His fourth-grade teacher, Miss Houser, remembers him as showing compassion for others. She said that if he ever did anything wrong, no matter how big or small, he would always take the initiative to shake her hand and say, “Sorry, Miss Houser.” She also says that “he has a servant’s heart, eager to help whenever I asked.” His fifth-grade teacher, Miss Brown, describes him as “a very caring and warmhearted person who always looks out for others in the classroom and does his best to make everyone feel welcome.” His ELL teacher, Miss Mizzoni, adds that “his love for Jesus and for his friends and teachers is evident every single day.”

We have great kids here at ICSV. Ratu is just one example of a student that goes out of his way to be an encouragement to us all. So, if you ever wondered who our “official door greeter” is each day, that’s Ratu!

Because of His Faithfulness,
Sharon Brobst, Ed.D.

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