Our elementary school is made up of a culturally diverse group of students where understanding and respect are developed. The diversity in the student body is intentionally celebrated through classroom international days and during the all-school International Family Fun Night.


ICSV emphasizes excellence in all areas of education. In the area of academics at the elementary level, MAP testing is administered each fall and spring to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. These scores, and consequently student improvement, is reviewed by the school in order to assess the effectiveness of our curricular offerings. Using the most recent normed scores available, ICSV scores consistently above the US and international norms in language usage, reading, math, and science.


Elementary school staff members desire to educate and mentor every student individually in order to meet their academic, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs through exploration, creative expression, and social interaction. Every student is uniquely created in the Image of God; therefore, individual instruction is provided. This is accomplished through a team of educators that works with both the students and their parents.


Because of the international make-up of the school, students learn to understand, respect, and appreciate each other. Staff members mentor students as they model a life that is built upon a biblical worldview. Character development is emphasized and celebrated through the weekly chapel programs.