Middle School


The ICSV middle school has students from 16 countries. Their native languages include English, German, Arabic, Tagalog, Amharic, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Macedonia, Ibibio, and Urdu. Because students have friends from all over the world, they learn to appreciate and respect those with different customs and traditions.


The ICSV middle school program prepares students for a successful transition to high school. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning and to improve their self-management skills. Classes in pre-algebra and algebra, physical science, language arts, and social studies form a strong foundation upon which students can build.


Middle school students learn in a safe and caring environment. Teachers who understand the importance of these middle years form mentoring relationships with the students. Students are encouraged to ask questions, to try new activities, and to enjoy getting to know their friends and their teachers.


ICSV acknowledges that one’s character is just as important as one’s knowledge. An emphasis is placed on providing a variety of opportunities where students grow to become young adults with a solid value system. Extracurricular activities that provide a venue for character development include drama, athletics, and the arts.