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Dear ICSV Parents:
The second high school mission trip that students took during Easter Break was to Kosovo. Mr. Dossett, one of the leaders, has written about his experience. Five of the students have also provided us with their insights into the Kosovo mission trip.
Mr. Dossett:
Rarely do we find time to look outside of ourselves and learn from others who are different, but when we do, we are always enriched. God has designed a world full of variety and the many parts come together beautifully, complementing each other subtly, yet powerfully. Our mission trip to Kosovo with a team of 13 was a practical experience in this dance of diversity. We were a group of 5 chaperones and 8 students, so our time was intimate and personal. The different cultures and personalities on our own team were such a blessing: we learned more about the nature of man and of God through each other and from the strengths we have each been gifted with. Yet, the differences within our group were just the starting point for growth – once we finished all of our preparations and landed in Kosovo, we recognized that we were going to come in contact with a people, a culture, and a land that was formerly quite foreign to us. We encountered a place full of beauty and poverty; hope and despair; hospitality and isolation. Through our conversations with Kosovar students, administrators, coffee shop owners, pastors, and English language learners, we were enriched and blessed. Our eyes were opened just a little bit more to new ideas and lifestyles; hopefully, we will grow in Christ and in love. And, hopefully, we were able to bless those that we spent time with in the same way.
Ruth-Anne Garcia, senior:
I had a great experience in Kosovo. It was overwhelming how welcoming and nice everyone was. I came to Kosovo having no clue what to expect, but as we were there I just felt so good and was also really blessed from the students and people I met. Hopefully in the future I can visit them again.
Willem Schra, sophomore:
I learned a lot about Kosovar culture. I met and talked with many amazing people. I was encouraged greatly in my faith and enjoyed talking and laughing with our team.
Parker Elledge, sophomore:
During my time is Kosovo I was given the opportunity to not only meet new people but to really get to know a few of them on a deeper level. While in Kosovo I was taught so much about the culture by experiences alone. On this mission trip I was given a new appreciation and love for God. I am so thankful I was able to go to Kosovo, and I hope I will get to go again someday.
Fiona Babler, junior:
The trip to Kosovo was not only fun. I also learned a lot about the culture there. It is a unique culture in a unique place. I was amazed by the hospitality and how friendly the people were to us. I hope that we were a blessing to them, like they were a blessing to us.
Emma Horne, senior:
The most memorable moment for me during the trip to Kosovo was going to the English class. We partnered up and spoke English and simply got to know the Kosovars. I loved getting to know the girl I was partnered with named Kleodora; she was so kind and shared her love for her country.
I am sure that our students brought encouragement and friendship to the people in Kosovo. Once again, we thank these students and teachers for giving of their vacation time to minister to the needs of others.
Because of His Faithfulness,
Sharon C. Brobst, Ed.D.
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