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Making the Best of the Situation

Nov 20, 2020

Last Friday morning, my husband and I ran to catch our bus. We were at the end of the line, waiting to enter, when I noticed that the line to the front door was already in. So we hurried over to the front door. Right as we got there, the door slammed shut. Okay. So we returned to the back door, when that one also slammed shut in our face. I tried pushing the door button, but the bus driver just drove off without us. So, we “patiently” waited for the next bus.

When we got on the second bus, there was no place to sit, so we planted our feet in a solid stance ready for the ride. Well, the bus driver tore off down the road, with passengers being thrown back and forth in the standing area. There was a student located in the midst of it all. I just looked at him and started to laugh. Even though we were both wearing masks, we could see the laugh lines around our eyes as we laughed together at the situation.

For almost the whole last year, we have been living under stressful conditions. It can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude over such a long period of time. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about lament. There is definitely a time for pouring out our hearts to God. But He also gave us the gift of laughter. For some reason, little things catch my fancy and make me laugh. Earlier this week while we were once again riding on that same bus, one of my favorite commuters climbed on, and I immediately saw the humor in the situation. You see, this commuter is a little pug dog. He is the most beautiful grey color and is just the cutest thing. What was so unusual about this morning was that he was wearing what looked like a mask! So, there I sat surrounded by a whole group of people wearing masks, trying not to breathe near each other. What do you think I did? I started laughing. Seated across from me was a student who caught my eye, so I motioned for her to look at the little dog wearing a mask. We enjoyed a laugh together. I managed to get a picture of him so you can see just how cute he looked. Once again, I began my day with a smile on my face.

A dear lady with whom I worked back in the States has been battling cancer for years. Even in the midst of such a difficult time, she always has a smile on her face and a word of encouragement for those around her. Even her emails are meant to encourage. She put the following Bible verse below her name. Proverbs 17:22 says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” Just as this lady continues to exhibit the joy of the Lord, it IS possible to be joyful even when things don’t appear to be going well. Please reach out to us here at school if there is anything that we can do to help you during this time of virtual learning. We understand that it can be emotionally difficult to process everything that is going on around us. My prayer for you is that you will continue to find joy in the small things. Just maybe you will see the cute little commuter with the pug nose and the rockin’ mask, and you, too, will smile for the rest of the day.

Because of His Faithfulness,

Sharon Brobst, Director