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Dec 7, 2018

My husband and I were privileged to sing at the Christmas Concert this week as part of the staff choir. Now, that’s not unusual for me, as I have always been part of different choirs. I haven’t had the chance to perform in public lately, but I’ve sung with church and community choirs, and even played a role with a solo in “Hello, Dolly!” What was very different was that my husband volunteered to sing, and I didn’t even ask him! Believe it or not, we sang to each other at our wedding 38 years ago. Granted, his father wasn’t very encouraging, but Greg did it because he was in love and knew that it meant a lot to me. Basically, I don’t think I gave him the option NOT to sing.

So why did Greg sing at our wedding and then decide that after all of these years it was a good idea to sign up to sing in public again? Motivation! Do you remember how you pursued (or were pursued) by a young, eager lover? Remember the flowers, the gifts, the dates? Motivation. He wanted something(one) and would do anything to get it. For Greg, the thought of being able to say that he had sung in one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Vienna was motivation enough to prompt him to risk it all for that one chance to sing. Again, motivation.

What motivates you? What is it that prompts you to get up in the morning or to take risks or to step outside of your comfort zone to accomplish something? What prompts you to keep trying even when something is hard? I recently heard it said that we cannot motivate others; motivation can only come from within. We can inspire others to want to do something, but we can’t do what only they can do – put in the effort, take the risk, DO it.

Motivation is one aspect of what we call GRIT. At this time of year, our students are probably more motivated by pleasing Saint Nicholas and keeping Krampus away than they are by being good and faithful students. But just like my husband surprised me by singing at Peterskirche, it is never too late to cultivate that inner motivation to accomplish those things that are important to us. We will keep plugging away at teaching your students the importance of motivation here in our classrooms. We hope that you are seeing a difference at home.

I hope that you were able to celebrate Christmas with us at Peterskirche this week, and I would like to invite you to come out next Thursday, December 13, to our Elementary Christmas Concert here at the school. What a special time of year!

Because of His Faithfulness,

Sharon Brobst, Director