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Changes in the New Year

Jan 13, 2023

At the start of a new year, many of us make a resolution to change a behavior in the coming year. For some it’s to exercise more, or to lose weight, or to travel to a special place, or to meet a professional goal. Our choice is often based on something that we see in our lives that we want to change – a flaw or an area of weakness.

In church on Sunday, the pastor quoted R.C. Sproul who in a panel lecture referred to Thomas à Kempis who had said, “the greatest saints rarely come anywhere close to feeling the full measure of the weight of their own sinfulness.” Sproul went on to state, “I’m glad that the Holy Spirit reveals the depths of my sin gradually to me. If He would reveal to me right now the full measure of my guilt before God, I would be destroyed.”

I’ve been pondering that thought for several days, and it got me thinking about those personality tests that I’ve taken that try to explain how I’m wired. One aspect of my personality that always shows up is that I am an “optimizer.” That means that I tend to not look at my own or other people’s weaknesses; instead, I focus on using my strengths to my greatest advantage. I think I can agree with that, as I tend to not focus on the sins in my life.

When we become Christians, we continue to sin. Now, hopefully we are becoming more and more Christlike, but we are not yet glorified, so we sin. I think that believing this fact is something that many people have trouble accepting. Until we come to the point where we can acknowledge our sin and our need for Jesus to be our Savior, we cannot have a growing relationship with Him.

This year, maybe my resolution should be to ask God to show me the areas of my life that need to change – to make me more sensitive to His direction in my life – to not always focus on the positives, but to be more open to learning from the negatives. I’d agree with Sproul that I don’t want to see all my faults all at once, but that shouldn’t mean that I can’t continue to grow.

It sounds like I’ve come up with a resolution for 2023! How about you? Do you want to grow spiritually this year? Do you have unanswered questions about the meaning of life and God’s purpose for life? Maybe 2023 is the year when you come face to face with the Creator of the Universe. If you ever have questions and would like to talk with someone about them, feel free to contact me or someone else at the school. We’d love to meet with you.

Wishing you all a most blessed 2023!

Because of His Faithfulness,
Dr. Sharon C. Brobst, Director


Image by Tim Mossholder

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