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Feb 11, 2022

“We are called to proclaim His great Salvation and rescue the captives…. But we are busy spending 33 billion a year in diet products for ourselves or for our overweight cats. We are busy redecorating our temporal housing. We are spending every evening for our own pleasure, and every spare dollar for our own retirement. And somehow the unreached in their life and death eternal struggle slip our minds and concern… we never get around to being serious about Jesus and his command to take the good news to them.”
― John Willis Zumwalt, Passion for the Heart of God

I know that over the years I’ve shared with you my love of the Olympics. Granted, I was not gifted with any athletic prowess, but I marvel at what these young people put themselves through to become the absolute best in the world! The events are actually quite emotional. So often, someone who completes the best race of their life will crumble at the finish line, overcome with emotion – tears of joy and tears of exhaustion.

Then there are those who have basically put their entire lives on hold for four years in order to have the chance of redeeming themselves from past failure. Some fall again. And once again at the finish line is a talented athlete collapsed in tears – this time in devastation.

I recently came across an article about a famous athlete who has struggled with depression ever since her Olympic career was over. She had put so much time and energy into training so that she could win an Olympic gold that when this was no longer her goal in life, she struggled to even find a reason for living. Why is it that one is willing to devote the best years of their lives to such a fleeting glory?

This all got me pondering why I spend so much of my time focusing on things “of this earth” and not on “eternal things.” If I really believe (and I do) that a Christian is on this earth to share the good news of salvation with the world, then why are so many of my waking hours invested in thinking about things that really don’t matter? The quote by John Willis Zumwalt nailed it for me.

I want to live my life with a focus on spiritual things that is just as intense as the Olympic focus of these athletes – not a focus to bring glory to myself, but a focus that will bring glory to God. A focus on sharing the hope that Jesus Christ has given to us. I pray for these athletes who return home in glory or in failure, that they will find everlasting joy. Their worth does not depend on how well they did at the games. They have been forgiven. They can have a personal relationship with God, the Creator of the universe! They have a reason for living – a reason far greater than an Olympic medal. They can have an eternal reward waiting for them in Heaven!

Because of His Faithfulness,

Dr. Sharon Brobst, Director



Image by Steven-Lelham on Unsplash