• International Christian School of Vienna is currently closed and our Distance Learning has started in all grade levels.
    We plan to reopen on Tuesday, April 14.
    If you have any questions and/or concerns please email office@icsv.at.

ICSV’s website was due for an updated look, so we formed a committee to check out our options and to choose a new theme. Over the last few months, Greg Brobst has been working on the redesign, and we are so excited to announce that we have now gone live. We especially wanted to highlight some of the things that make ICSV unique, so we chose “international, quality, caring, and character-building” to organize the content on our elementary, middle school, high school, and IB pages. We plan to continue to add new information and to update pictures now that the site has been launched. Please go to www.icsv.at and enjoy the new experience.

You have done an amazing job of spreading the word about ICSV. So good, in fact, that we now have a waiting list in several grades. Having a waiting list is one of the best things that can happen to a school. Once the message gets out that ICSV is in great demand, more and more families will become interested in finding out about our school. Today we have 244 students enrolled in our programs.

As I write this, the students in grades six through twelve are out on class trips. On Wednesday morning, there was excitement all around as parents congregated to wave goodbye to their students and as the kids eagerly boarded their early-morning buses. How privileged we are to live in a country where class trips of this type are commonplace, so there are numerous locations that can accommodate and provide wonderful learning experiences for our students. We will be highlighting each of the trips when they return.

Thank you, all, for your prayers and support of ICSV. Our new playground area is still under construction, so continue to pray for a quick completion of this project. A1 has installed the conduit that is now ready to receive our new fiber optic cable. Please pray that we will continue to make progress toward increased internet capabilities here at school.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Because of His Faithfulness,
Sharon Brobst, Ed.D.