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People Before Process and Policy

Nov 10, 2022

I’ve been “doing education” for my entire life, so much of what I believe or draw from when making decisions is just part of me. Recently, I was asked the school’s philosophy behind one of my opinions. It took me a while to be able to formulate the response. While I was at the Flourishing Schools Institute last week, one of the speakers said something that caused me to have one of those “that’s it!” reactions. She said, “People before process or policy.” 

Now, what did she mean by that? I’d say that this one phrase sums up ICSV’s philosophy of education. We have worked hard to put into place processes to make things run smoothly in order to provide a satisfying experience for the community. We also have policies that guide our decisions. They are to help provide stability and consistency in how we do things. On the other hand, we are not a black and white school. For every situation, we try to take into account the student or family that will be affected by the policy or procedure. 

We believe that we are here to love and nurture our students. We seek to model a community of respect and appreciation for each other. It is impossible to put all of these transactions into a single box. Students come to us from over 60 different countries. They have each experienced unique situations while growing up, from moving multiple times to experiencing great personal loss. It’s not easy living in a “gray” world. It can get messy. But it’s what we believe is the best way to love our families. 

Do we always make the best decisions? Probably not. Can you trust our intentions behind each one – absolutely! One of the benefits of having served at ICSV for eight years is that I believe the school community has grown to trust me. I try very hard to follow through on what I say I will do. I try to be transparent and forthcoming as much as possible. I try to live a life of integrity and to model Christian character. I hope that your experience with the school has demonstrated this desire. 

But, we are all flawed people. This same speaker that said, “people before process and policy” also said, “there is freedom in being flawed.” As human beings, we cannot be perfect all the time, but my personal prayer is that God would be there in all of the hundreds of decisions that I must make every day. I would add that I pray that ICSV will always put “people before process and policy.” Welcome to the world of “the gray areas.”

Because of His Faithfulness,

Dr. Sharon Brobst. Director