• International Christian School of Vienna is currently closed and our Distance Learning has started in all grade levels.
    We plan to reopen on Tuesday, April 14.
    If you have any questions and/or concerns please email office@icsv.at.

And I am free to run,
I am free to dance,
I am free to live for You,
I am free, I am free!

Last night I got to run around the MP with everyone who came out for Praise Night. Teachers and students and parents and the SEW team all ran around singing “I am free!” I laughed because Mr. and Mrs. Loucks were out there running with the kids, too. I told them that I thought we could check off “running with the bulls” from our bucket list.

What was all the running and dancing and singing about? There are many verses in the Bible that talk about being free. The Apostle John simply says, “So if the Son (Jesus) sets you free, you will be free indeed.” The Apostle Paul reminded the Romans that they have been set free from sin, with the result being eternal life. He again writes, this time to those living in Galatia, that they were called to be free, but that they were given that freedom so that they could serve one another in love.

I have a quote hanging on my wall that says, “Christians are, indeed, free. Free to serve, free to love our neighbors and enemies alike. We are free ‘to follow the Lamb wherever He goes,’ even if it means giving up our earthly freedoms in the process.” This is a daily reminder to me that I have been freed from the penalty of sin because of Jesus’ sacrifice for me on the cross. This freedom was shown to me because of God’s grace, completely unmerited on my part. Because of this, I am to extend that grace to others by freely loving and serving them.

If you walked through the MP Room this week you would have heard the elementary students making the funniest noises and singing the craziest songs. Jerry and Michaela Jacoby come to ICSV every two years to run a Spiritual Emphasis Week with our kids. They have been traveling around the world for their entire career using song, Bible characters, sock chickens named Elmer and Popcorn, and jokes to teach Christian character and biblical principles. Something that Jerry pointed out was how the children would cheer when others were chosen to go up on stage. He remarked about how unselfish that was. Well, on Thursday as the children were leaving chapel, one boy tripped and fell as they raced to get downstairs. Instead of taking advantage of that and running on ahead, his friend stopped and asked him if he was okay, and then they proceeded to go down the stairs together. This is grace. This is using one’s freedom not for personal benefit but by looking out for the needs of others before our own. I couldn’t help but smile seeing our elementary students demonstrating this profound truth at such a young age.

Next week is a three-day week for students, as our entire teaching staff is traveling together to Prague for the ACSI Teacher Conference. This will be a time of encouragement and refreshment for the faculty, but also a time of growth and challenge. As soon as we return, we will be heading into Holy Week, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter when Christians remember how Jesus willingly gave up His freedom to take upon Himself the sin of the whole world. I wish you all a most blessed Easter as we can say:

Through You the kingdom comes
Through You the battle’s won
Through You the price is paid
Through You I’m not afraid
Through You there’s victory
Because of You my soul sings
I am free!

Because of His Faithfulness,
Sharon Brobst, Director

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