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Dr. Brobst Signs the Building Project Plans Submission

Nov 21, 2022

Today was a day to celebrate! Our architect firm, Franz&Sue, came by with two boxes of documents for me to sign so that they can submit our new building plans to the Baupolizei. The government then has six months to review the plans before giving permission to build. In the meantime, they will communicate with us any changes that need to be made so that the plans can be approved.

At times, it may not seem like much has been happening with the new building, but I assure you that we have been working hard. We have had building committee meetings continually over the last couple of years. Franz&Sue told us today that the process has actually gone very smoothly. They have enjoyed working with us, and we have grown quite close with them, as we’ve put together a very exciting building plan.

Let me remind you of what it will look like. It includes a double gym with locker rooms and a fitness room. At one end of the gym is a full stage, with a drama suite of rooms for sets, costumes, dressing, etc. On the ground floor are a cafeteria, a smaller café, main offices, and art and music suites. On the first floor are the elementary classrooms. On the second and third floors are the secondary classrooms, with four science labs. A multi-floor learning commons contains the library, study areas, and places for group work and presentations. Each floor has an outdoor space where students can play or hang out together. On the roof of the gym, there is a large soccer field, and the roof of the main building has a track. It’s all quite amazing!

Please continue to pray for God’s timing with the project. Let us all give thanks to God for seeing us through this intense period of planning. Our God is faithful, so we are excited to see how He works it out so that we can finish the project so that even more students can “find hope” here at ICSV.

Because of His Faithfulness,
Dr. Sharon Brobst. Director