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Snow on the Daffodils

Apr 9, 2021

Did you all hear the thunder Wednesday evening? The booms sent us to our window where we were surprised to see the little balls of snow or hail coming down and landing on our newly-planted flowers. And, boy, did it come down! Our little garden was covered in white, with the tall yellow stalks of the daffodils proudly standing firm on their bed of snow.

Last fall, my husband had planted the daffodil and tulip bulbs, so how exciting it was to see them begin to poke their heads through the soil, indicating that spring was about to arrive. Then, over Easter Break, we spent time picking out seasonal flowers and planting them in our garden. It was so much fun to see our garden in full bloom.

And then it turned cold. And the snow arrived. We didn’t see that coming. Everything that was in a pot or in a planter was carried into our kitchen to protect it from the frost. Transition.

This reminded me of how it feels going through the numerous transitions with the changing Covid regulations. What would seem like a normal progression of events goes from sun and flowers to thunder and hail. There is just no way to plan for that. All we can do is run outside into the garden and save as many flowers as we can.

Yesterday, our entire staff met with a member care group in a virtual format. They shared with us the stress cycle, reminding us that it is normal to go from feeling alarmed about a situation, to being resistant to it, and then just feeling exhausted. It is also normal to go back and forth between these three stages throughout the pandemic.

Another activity the staff enjoy each week is our Friday devotions. This is a time before school starts for us to encourage one another. This week Mr. Loucks reminded us to take pleasure in the small things, but to remember that it is God who created these pleasures in the first place. Even though we may feel like we have to be strong and make it through this time of uncertainty on our own, remember that God is the one who supplies all of our needs. It is okay to admit when we are struggling and to reach out to God for His strength as we face the different challenges.

This weekend the weather is supposed to return to a lovely temperature and time of sunshine. I think we’ll try again and put the flowers back outside in the garden. Even when things continue to change and feel out of control, it is still nice to experience a bit of optimistic thinking every once in a while. I encourage you to go outside and to enjoy the beautiful springtime that God has provided for us. It is a reminder that as the seasons come and go, this too shall pass.

Because of His Faithfulness,

Sharon Brobst, Director