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The week of November 14 through 18 was ICSV’s Fall Spiritual Emphasis Week. A group from Bethlehem Church in Georgia came and ministered to all three divisions of the school: elementary, middle school, and high school. The secondary chaplain, Christian Pana, worked with the school principals and Brian and Pearl Williams to organize the week. There were daily chapels with special music and speakers. Thursday evening was the secondary Praise Night, which is always a highlight for the students. On Wednesday, the middle school students stayed for a fun time of getting to know the people from the US. Feedback from staff and students has been extremely positive.

The elementary school students had several chapels with the church group this year. Our third graders said that they loved the singing, especially learning new songs. They enjoyed the games that were played during chapel, and they loved having lunch with Mr. Joel because he was so funny. Joel Goddard is the worship pastor from Bethlehem Church that led the team this year.

Here are a few comments that the middle school students made about their experience:

“A special moment was when we were learning about forgiving others and being merciful. I loved it when we talked about not holding grudges and caring for one another. Our group leader told us to give people compliments and smile and make people happy. I liked talking about choosing good friends.”

“The groups were fun because I got to know more about each other and learn new things. The songs were also special because they talk a lot about God and what He did for us.”

“Something special to me is when we pray and we get to connect to God. Also, when we sing and praise the Lord is also something very special to me. I really enjoyed SEW week and having chapel every day.”

The high school students were given the chance to share their ideas in Bible class. A common topic that came up several times was that they were encouraged to hear that it is difficult for all of us to forgive those who have hurt us, because they found it difficult for themselves, as well. They also stated that they enjoyed encouraging each other and telling each other what they are thankful for. Many mentioned that they really enjoyed having time in small groups to discuss what they were learning.

I hope that your students came home and shared their thoughts with you about Spiritual Emphasis Week. ICSV is truly blessed to have a partnership with the Bethlehem Church.

I think the best quote that we received from a middle school student that summed up how the week went is: “I enjoyed every second with them and appreciated what they did.”

Because of His Faithfulness,
Sharon Brobst, Ed.D.