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Secondary Spiritual Emphasis Week 2023

Mar 17, 2023

What a special week this has been! I am so glad that we can once again have visitors come to minister to us as a school. The secondary school enjoyed what we call “Spiritual Emphasis Week.” It’s a week when we set aside time each day to focus on God and what He has done in our lives. Our speaker, James Hobson, and his wife, Sarah, came from Lynchburg, Virginia on the east coast of the US to share with us what he has been learning about God. James is the lead pastor of Hill City Community Church there. On Tuesday, he told of how he was raised a Christian and that he was actually afraid that science would disprove his belief in God, the Creator. The exact opposite is what happened. He said that the more he learned about how the universe works, what is necessary for life to exist on the Earth, and what actually goes into a living being, the more convinced he became that the most rational conclusion to the origin of things is that God is the Creator, just as the Bible says.

In a US television show called “Young Sheldon,” Sheldon doesn’t believe in God, but his mother does. Understanding how important her faith was to his mother, during one episode when she was struggling with her faith, Sheldon used logic to try to convince her that God exists. He explained that only a Creator could have given the universe just the right amount of gravity so that the stars and planets don’t fly off into outer space or that they don’t implode. Sheldon was right. Science actually does point us to a Creator.

Another special event of Spiritual Emphasis Week was our Thursday evening Praise Night. We were led by our high school praise team under the leadership of Mr. Caleb Dossett. It was so encouraging to see the room filled with people who had come together as staff, students, parents, and board members to sing praise to God our Creator.

I wish you all a lovely spring weekend.

Because of His Faithfulness,
Dr. Sharon Brobst. Director

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