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This week I was privileged to be invited to the UN Women’s Guild Charity Awards. Each year, the organization receives grant requests from all over the world for projects that benefit children. This year, they raised enough to donate over 257.000 euros that will help over 18.000 children worldwide. In attendance were members of the UN Women’s Guild, representatives of non-profit organizations that were there to receive their awards, and members of the greater-Vienna community.
There were two wonderful musical performances for our enjoyment. First, the Young Master Ensemble that is made up of musicians between the ages of 14 and 18 who attend either the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna or the Johann Sebastian Back Music School, played several amazing numbers that demonstrated outstanding musical skill. The event concluded with Mr. Ramon Vargas, a former ICSV parent and a world-renowned Mexican tenor, singing two operatic numbers. He received a standing ovation after he was done.
Interspersed throughout the program were videos showing the children that would be benefiting from the grants. I found myself caught between watching children with dire physical needs during one moment and then being carried away with the beautiful strings of a Haydn overture during another. The video so vividly demonstrated the result of sin in the world, while the music highlighted God’s amazing gift of creativity to human beings.
I was reminded of this year’s theme at ICSV: Glorify God; Serve Others. That was what was happening there today. As I listened to the beautiful music, I was able to praise God for His gift of music and for the talents that He has bestowed on these young people. I was also there to celebrate with those that work to help alleviate poverty, illness, lack of education, etc. in the lives of the children in need. They have dedicated themselves to serving “the least of these.”
At one point during the program, the president of UNWG, Mrs. Marina Radchenkova, asked us to all join hands in support of what was taking place. Their motto is “Joining hands to help children.” Here were people from all around the globe, many wearing their national clothing, joining together to serve children. It was such a privilege to be there to celebrate the funds that were raised to meet the many needs and to be uplifted with the beautiful music. This was a very inspiring event that takes place each year here in Vienna.
Because of His Faithfulness,

Sharon Brobst, Ed.D.

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