• International Christian School of Vienna is currently closed and our Distance Learning has started in all grade levels.
    We plan to reopen on Tuesday, April 14.
    If you have any questions and/or concerns please email office@icsv.at.

Middle & High School

Bring your own device

ICSV believes that it is important to teach digital citizenship and the positive use of technology in our school.

Students are using technology, so we need to teach them how to use it appropriately. For this reason, we have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program at the secondary level. Teachers use technology to enhance their teaching, and students are able to take advantage of online tools that support learning. They learn how to conduct online research, determining reliable sources and how to cite them. The BYOD program teaches our students the necessary 21st century skills that will prepare them for success, both in their educational program and in the future.

Benefits of technology in the classroom

  • Improves the ability to access content, resources, and materials
  • Creates a more engaged environment
  • Incorporates different learning styles
  • Improves collaboration
  • Prepares students for the future
  • Allows for even greater connection between teachers and students

Benefits of BYOD

  • Provides a more comfortable and personalized experience
  • Improves responsibility and care of their device
  • Greater flexibility than a “one size fits all” school standard
  • Allows students to use the same device at school, at home, or away

What about security on the WIFI network?

ICSV adheres to industry-standard wireless security practices and protocols, and keeps up to date on all new developments and security threats.