• International Christian School of Vienna is currently closed and our Distance Learning has started in all grade levels.
    We plan to reopen on Tuesday, April 14.
    If you have any questions and/or concerns please email office@icsv.at.

About ICSV

Welcome to the International Christian School of Vienna!

I would like to personally invite you to come and experience the warmth and excitement of our school community as you walk through our doors and into our classrooms. ICSV is a place where we care about kids. Our children are taught by qualified teachers who value excellence in academics and the development of strong character. Our students enjoy small class sizes, so each child receives the individual attention that they desire and deserve.

ICSV welcomes families from all over the world and from many different faith backgrounds. Today, children from over 65 countries learn and play together, allowing them to grow in their global understanding and commitment to the nations. Our students graduate from ICSV with the skills and habits of mind that have prepared them for higher education or the workforce.

We are a Christian school, so we integrate biblical principles into all that we teach and do. We emphasize the importance of Christian character, and we strive for excellence in all that we do for God’s glory. In addition, we teach our children the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our students grow spiritually, as they continue to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

We believe that every child is created in the image of the Almighty God. For this reason, I can promise that if you choose to send your children to ICSV, we will love and value them. We will treat them with respect and dignity, and we will celebrate them as unique individuals. As a school, we would count it a privilege to partner with you and your family in the education of your children. Thank you for considering ICSV.

Sharon Brobst, Ed.D.
Director, ICSV